Promotional campaign

As part of a project tied to the hosting of the Rugby World Cup, we helped create a Japanese sake campaign tailored to inbound visitors to Japan for a project by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to promote exports of sake. We were responsible for digital marketing, which included digital advertising and social media management on the web, and encompassed initial planning on through to implementation.
During the planning stages, we created a customer journey map that analyzed the behavior of inbound tourists to Japan. We assembled a storyline for the campaign and a trajectory to its realization through increased touchpoints, and provided content and measures tailored to each stage of action.
In addition to writing original content and managing information in collaboration with local municipalities, we held interviews at the embassies of 14 participating countries, and shot and edited key videos featuring promotional messages. In addition, we installed a campaign secretariat and used it to launch Google ads and social media updates (Instagram and Facebook), updating content and posting advertisements tailored to the outcomes of games and user reactions. Through an agile team structure, we were able to effectively implement the project, building up and maintaining a high-quality community over the course of several months. As a result, the KPIs and KGIs set on the original roadmap were achieved. Campaign participants exceeding the target number were obtained, and this led to increasing awareness among winners, as well as through multiple influencers.