At ID, we have cultivated design-based thinking where the designer's perspective is essentially a human-centric way of thinking. We have tackled a range of enterprise-level issues while valuing the balance between logic and intuition.

In order to redefine core values, we tease out unseen information assets and make them visible.
Accumulating and distributing the right information helps ensure a position of primacy in the market.
Moreover, it helps companies evolve into ones with long-term, sustainable growth potential.

That is precisely what makes branding so critical and essential.

This is embedded in ID's core vision of making the unseen visible, and is precisely the kind of design that today's uncertain times need.

Media statistics from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications report that Internet use exceeded TV viewing for the first time in all generations on average in 2021.

Leveraging our expertise in brand consulting as a design firm specializing in the web, we work in tandem with you to solve corporate issues faced by society.

  • Outer branding


    We help companies to streamline their ideas, mission, resources, and values, articulate their aspirations vis-à-vis the wider society, and deliver a consistent message.

  • Inner branding


    We help companies to set out their corporate vision, philosophy, and policies and practices, and we reinforce their psychological security to make a resolute and stable workforce possible.

  • Web site creation /


    For information design, we analyze the levels of priority and volume of the information in question, as well as its ease of dissemination, before designing intuitive UIs with a flow that is optimized for the needs of users. Moreover, by creating visual designs with a tone and style that reflect the brand, we are capable of building websites that strike the perfect balance between design and expression.

  • Research & Analytics


    Using various perspectives, we compare competitors targeting the same market and customer demographics, and conduct research and analysis to aid you in differentiating yourself from them.

  • UX strategy planning


    We design a consistent brand experience using touchpoint design drawn from customer journey maps.

  • Marketing strategy


    We clarify the position and target of the brand and propose PR measures.

  • Graphic design


    The types of media that exist today are incredibly diverse. Each media format has its role and purpose in graphic design. By conducting interviews and understanding the company's needs in greater detail, we can give visual form to the information that our clients wish to convey.

  • Video production


    In addition to branded movies that gracefully tell the stories of brands, we also produce a variety of promotional videos for different media and purposes, including websites, social media content, and signage.


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