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ID Corporation is now celebrating 22 years since its founding.

It has been some time since the era of "VUCA" began, but nevertheless, the web space has, over these 20 years, continued to be one fraught with unpredictability and uncertainty.

As designers, our constant pursuit of the visual has led us to arrive at ways of visualizing that which is otherwise unseen.
This is, in effect, the abiding ethos (DESIGN>DELIGHT) we have had since our founding, and is the origins of ID's approach to design.

Our sense is that in today's day and age, creating the future requires substantive social change.

As the times change, "design" in Japan has come to move away from design in a narrow sense and more to design in a broader sense, towards something deeper and more essential.
In 2018, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry issued the Design Management Declaration.

In this way, the importance of designers' thinking and design approaches is growing ever more important.

ID works in tandem with clients to solve their issues and will continue brightening the future through design.


Making the future brighter through design

By "brighter",

  • here we mean uncovering unseen things by shining a light on them and looking keenly at their essence.
  • It also refers to contributing to society through a fair and upright business approach that is optimistic.
  • As a group of cutting-edge professionals in digital branding, we offer high-quality service through optimized proposals and tangible solutions.
  • We have many assets in our inventory that allow us to overcome negativity through positive thinking.
  • Moreover, we take a healthy mental and physical approach to our lives and engage with others in an outgoing fashion.
In this way,
we use design to practically enhance the future.


ID is a creative firm that designs brand communication for a new era.
We do so through flexible and vibrant thinking skills cultivated through a continuous evolution of ourselves.


Course of Action

  • Flux is a fact of life, so we face it head-on
  • We stretch our creativity to the limit
  • We consider what to do to proceed
  • We imagine and visualize what clients expect of us
  • We go beyond their expectations
  • Never content with the status quo,
    we develop new ways to evolve
  • Not confined by preconceptions,
    exploring an unknown future
  • When stuck, we resolve things with sincerity
  • Creating better output every day
  • Making creativity our asset to continually evolve

Corporate Profile

The name of our company, "Id.," is derived from our founding concept of contributing
to society as an organization that creates various kinds of "d's," including designs.
We are committed to our creative activities aimed at making society a better place,
including elucidating and overhauling existing ideas, as well as creating new designs.

Company Name ID Corporation
Founded December 13, 2002
Capital 10M JPY
President Seiji Bessho

2-18-32 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Prefecture SCALE801
TEL. 03-5155-7637 /
FAX. 03-3204-8205

  • Via the Fukutoshin Line: 6 minutes on foot from Exit 1 of Nishi-Waseda Station
  • Via the Yamanote Line: 10 minutes on foot from the Waseda Exit of Takadanobaba Station
  • Via the Tozai Line: 10 minutes on foot from Takadanobaba Station


Project requests and consultations,And for inquiries about our company Please contact us from the contact form. Our staff will contact you shortly.