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Privacy policy

This web site serves to introduce the services offered by ID Corporation ("Company" or "We").

1.Privacy policy
The Company recognizes the importance of personal information and sets forth the privacy policy below, utilizes a personal information protection system, and makes all personnel fully aware of the importance of protecting said information in order to safeguard your data.
2.Management of personal information
We take appropriate security management measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, leakage, or other damage to personal information. We also take other applicable measures to strictly safeguard information, such as creation of a workflow for maintenance and management of security systems and thorough training of personnel.
3.Use of personal information

We utilize personal information for the following purposes.

  • - To contact you regarding our services
  • - To respond to inquiries you send
  • - For hiring-related communications
4.Prohibition of disclosure or provision of personal information to third parties

We properly manage personal information obtained from customers and never disclose or provide it to third parties except in the cases below.

  • - Where we obtain consent from the customer
  • - Where disclosing to third party contractors we hire in order to provide the services requested by the customer
  • - Where required by law
5. Request by the individual
Where a customer requests the disclosure, revision, deletion, or other use of their personal information, having first confirmed the identity of the individual, we will take necessary measures to comply.
6.Compliance with laws and regulations and review of said compliance
In addition to strict compliance with the laws, regulations, and statutes that apply to the personal information we retain, including but not limited to the laws of Japan, we will revise the content of this policy as needed and continually aim to improve it.
7. Disclaimers
We waive liability for any information, services, or other content posted on sites linked to from this web site via links, banners, or other elements. To the extent possible, we endeavor to post accurate information and content on this web site, but it may be out of date in some cases. We waive all liability for any damage resulting from content posted to this web site.
8. Inquiries
You can direct inquiries pertaining to our use of personal information to us via the contact form.


Project requests and consultations,And for inquiries about our company Please contact us from the contact form. Our staff will contact you shortly.