HOMEENGLISH【英語版】COLUMNAll members have obtained the UC grade of the official color certification test.

All members have obtained the UC grade of the official color certification test.

Each member recently undertook the UC grade of the official color certification test, and all of them passed.

We leverage this expertise to provide consulting as certified UC advisors and further improve our design-based thinking.

We also had a meetup last week for the first time in a long time, and we opted to go to a stylish venue as a way to enhance our aesthetic sensibilities.

Requiring a smart casual dress code, the venue was La Maison Kioi, a restaurant at the Akasaka Prince Classic House serving a prix fixe meal.

ラ メゾン キオイ外観

This exquisite Western-style building was erected in 1930 and renovated in 2016. It has long been fondly regarded as the birthplace of the Akasaka Prince Hotel, and was originally designed by the Bureau of Construction of the Imperial Household Agency as a private residence for the Yiwang family, which was honored with the status of royalty. Dating further back, it was apparently designed by Josiah Conder as a residence for the Kitashirakawa-no-miya branch of the imperial family, with only a small portion of the brick foundation remaining–if only we could have seen what it looked like in those days!

Visiting a historic place and being regaled with luxurious and aesthetically-pleasing service and trimmings is an excellent way to heighten one’s imaginative drive. In many respects, this was a key milestone for us, with new and old faces alike all in attendance for a long and pleasurable meal. This restaurant is ideal for small-scale meal functions and dates.

There are only a few more days remaining this year, so make the most of the end of the year at this critically-acclaimed venue!


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